Places where you can and can't post BMC links?

I was updating my Quora profile and wondered if it would be cool with their rules and regs to post a link and description like:

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Where have you posted your BMC links?

Maybe more importantly: Where have you posted your BMC links and been notified, flagged, had your account disabled, etc. because it’s restricted.


Great question. I’ve heard that you’re not allowed to link to your BMC from your Android app, although I see exceptions all the time.
Google & Apple obviously want you to use their payment service and pay the 30% fee :innocent:


Thanks Aleesha. I know that Apple Books frowns on affiliate links, but am not sure about BMC links. The idea of supporters giving a tip to a content creator has been around as long as PayPal, but with services like BMC and Patreon becoming the “new” model, I’m sure that many sites will need to redefine their terms of service.

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Great question @WolfeWithAnE! I haven’t come across any place yet where I’ve posted BMC links and it’s been flagged but good to know these things :raised_hands:

Thanks Pia. Even just a better understanding a site’s unstated, but expected etiquette can help all those using BMC to be better members of those communities.