Schedule Posts for Future Dates?

I’m new here so, apologies if the feature already exists and I just missed it somewhere.

I’ve seen this sort of thing on other services like YouTube and Patreon etc. but I’d really appreciate having the ability to schedule a Buy Me A Coffee post to “go live” for members at a future date.

I would find the additional flexibility to be helpful in keeping releases more consistent over time, among other benefits.


Hi there, the feature has been requested… kindly vote for it!

I just vote on it… let’s wait if they will plan to work on it …


Thanks for letting me know! I’ve added my vote.


Good news guys! That feature has been flagged as planned… so let’s expect it in action…


almost live! :rocket:


I love to see this one!

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Wow, that’s some fast progress! Has this already been in the works for awhile? I see the original request on the building page was from January.

One question I just want to make sure about, we’d still be able to use the “notify supporters” and “members only” options when scheduling too, correct? So members would get a notification when the post “goes live” rather than when we first scheduled it?

Anyway, thanks very much for keeping us updated! I’m looking forward to being able to put this feature to good use, apparently much sooner than I was expecting to see it!


It was planned 4 days ago, designed yesterday, and we’re aiming to complete the development by tomorrow. So proud of the team! <3

Yes, that’s right. :dart:


You should be proud also of your modular, well-structured code base.


Wow, that’s pretty incredible. Thanks to you and your team for all their fantastic efforts on making this already great platform even more impressive!

It’s very refreshing to see this level of interaction between users of a service and its creators, and I appreciate it very much myself!


I see you’ve started to roll this out to certain folks already! That’s great! Thank you for your efforts. Not to rain on the parade, but I did want to mention one issue I am having with it so far, and I wasn’t sure where to put bug reports so this seemed like an okay place to bring it up.

What I’m seeing is that, if I try to schedule a post for later in the same day, and it ends up being one of the “PM” hours of GMT, when I select a PM time via the dropdown everything seems to work fine, but when I press the “Schedule” button and it takes me back to the main posts page, the scheduled time listed next to the post has it as “AM” instead, and it doesn’t post at the scheduled PM time (I tested it about 5 minutes ahead of the current time to see if it would post despite the AM designation appearing.)

Going back into the post and trying to re-schedule it for a different or even the same PM time doesn’t seem to resolve the issue either, it just shows it as an AM time again once you get back to the posts screen.

I’ll try and schedule one for the AM hours tomorrow, and see if that posts out as expected, or if the issue is just related to the PM hours.

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Thank you reporting the bug.
Issue has been identified and a hotfix is on the way.

Update: Fix is live :tada:


Oh now, I can use the schedule post… this is great and more convenient now!

Thank you for the quick response!

Yesterday in addition to the above issue, I had a scheduled post set for 11:00AM GMT today, and I just checked to see if it had posted, but it doesn’t seem to have done so, as it was still listed as scheduled for a time that had already passed by.

Is it possible that the fix for the update that was already put out will resolve this issue as well? Or does it seem like a separate instance?

Previously I had not set a time zone in my account settings, but yesterday changed it to my appropriate time zone, in the event that has anything to do with the issue at all.

EDIT: One other observation: When I went back and manually published the post I had tried to schedule, the date/time that it used for the post when it went live was the original date/time that I first created the post, rather than the date/time it was actually posted at. In other words it posted with a date and time of March 15 3:47PM GMT, when I actually didn’t publish it live until March 16 at around 4:30PM GMT.

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The fix will only be applied to posts schedule after Mar 16th.


Thanks for clarifying. I’ve tested over the past 2 days and can confirm the new scheduling posts are working on my end.

The only thing now that I am not seeing scheduled posts do is when you have the “Notify Supporters” checkbox checked, it doesn’t seem to be sending out the email notifications to members when the post goes live.

I’ve only tested this on my end with “Membership Giveaway” free members, but I’m guessing that’s probably irrelevant.


Just wanted to update with one more post here to say it seems like they are sending out emails properly now so, I think everything is working as one might expect at this point.

Thanks for all your hard work on this development team! It’s a really helpful feature to have around.