Someone supported me but now PayPal has the money on hold

Hello there! The last friday I got my first supporter! Unfortunately the money is on hold and I have my PayPal account since 2015 so this gets me worried because if this happened now I’m afraid I won’t be able to use BMC :worried:


I know that PayPal does this for some purchases done on eBay, but I’ve never heard of them holding a payment as a donation. Has your PayPal account been laying dormant for a period of time?

I just took a peek at your BMC page and perhaps it’s the amount of the payment. I’m assuming that it’s the $40 illustration that was purchased, so perhaps this is over a certain limit PayPal may have. Are they holding the entire $40 or just a portion of it?

They are holding the entire money.

Hi @Misiwasy,

Really sorry to hear that. We have reached out to PayPal on this. I’ll update you as soon as we hear from them.

If you have any questions or any additional information that could help us in our conversation with PayPal, please drop us a line at :orange_heart:

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My daughter had the exact issue when she got 8 coffees donated. The money got released after a few weeks when she sent all the proof to PayPal so they could see she is not a fugitive on the run.