[Story] An Unexpected Reunion

Hey there, friends! How’s it going? My name’s Ibarra from Black Desert SEA, I’m an amateur writer and I love writing stories set in the world of Black Desert Online.

A new story is up!

An Unexpected Reunion - On his way to Grana, Florentino makes a quick stop at Atanis Pond to listen to the songs of the Priestess when there’s an unexpected guest waiting for him.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading the story.

Terribly sorry, everyone, if the story is not convincing enough or it’s poorly written, or even too cliché. I find writing love stories hard because… I never experienced love. Though I am good at writing stories about being rejected or being dumped. I’ll try writing love stories harder next time. I’ll also try reading more romance novels, manga or watch romance films, anime, etc.


Hey @Ibarra9510! Thanks for sharing your story and your process. Something that helps writers a lot is also reading a lot, so I want to suggest you get into fiction which is always fun. Some of the best contemporary love stories I’ve read are Tayari Jones’s “An American Marriage” and Lauren Groff’s “Fates and Furies.” Octavia Butler’s books are also good resources, since she wrote science fiction so those would also be good to check out.

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Thank you very much @pia for the suggestions! I’ll try and get my hands on them and read them.