Supporter turned to client

I signed up here on BMC even though I am not sure if someone will buy me a coffee or support me. But after several weeks, a notification popped up on my phone telling me someone just bought me a coffee! He said that he liked my open source project and if I’m open for customizing for a fee! Now that was my first supporter and my first client too. I just want to thank BMC for this opportunity, I am so happy. And hello to all of you! :wave:

Buy me a coffee


Wow. So happy for you @Edlyn_Villega

What are you working on? How did you hear of BMC :smiley:

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Thanks! I’m working/improving my jquery plugin which is Evo Calendar :smile:

I just observed that some websites that I’m visiting has BMC button/widget and I got curious… I even created paypal just because of this!

Great platform! :hugs:

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Awesome. I remember using Timely event calendar plugin in WordPress for one of my sites back in college days. I really like the design & fun vibe of what you are building! Have you considered bundling up & selling paid themes?

:pray:That’s great to hear! Onwards and upwards:)

Btw are you working on this full time or as a side project atm? What are your future plans for this project.

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Never thought of selling paid themes! I think this is a great idea as an Extra here on BMC.
I’m working on this now as a side project because I have other projects too. :smiley: Additional project for my portfolio…

Thank you for the appreciation, Sir. :hugs:

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True that! It would be a really nice use case for BMC Extras!

Loved your portfolio, enjoy the cups of coffees:):smiley:

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Thanks! and thank you also for the coffees… :hugs:

@Edlyn_Villegas welcome to BMC. That’s excellent news. BMC is a great place to build relationships and discover people who would like to work with you.

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Thank you Sir Wolfe! BMC is a great platform to connect and build friendship with people. :blush:

Congratulations! And welcome to the community. :smiley:

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Yes, thank you Sir David! :blush: