Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I wanted to take a moment and thank the Buy Me A Coffee development team on the fantastic work they’ve done on the updates to the Post section of the BMC service! You’ve done such a great job on implementing the new Categories feature, it will make blogging on BMC so much easier and more organized.

I have a couple of blogging sites, and it’s been a bit of a challenge to consolidate the postings for each on my BMC page. But now, with the use of Categories, it will be so much easier for me, as well as my visitors/supporters to find the content their interested in.

The category summaries also look great on the main Post index page. Well done!

I also like the addition of the “Like what you see” link that you’ve added to the footer of each post. It is in very much in line with how I link back to my BMC page in my own blog entries.

Thank you so much!

If anyone reading this would like to see more on how this new Categories feature works, visit my BMC page, here: If you’re not using your BMC account for blogging, with these new improvements in place, now’s the time to take advantage of it!

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Just checked mine, looks great! I use BMC for blogging, but need to be more consistent and promote it properly. How do I create a category and add my previous posts?

Just go to an existing posting and select “Edit”. Then, once in Edit mode, look on the right hand side and you should see a “+ New Category” button, as shown in my first screen capture above. Click on it, then add a category heading. The next time you edit a posting, you will see the category you created, which you can then just check off for every post you wish to include in that category.

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There’s a potential problem: editing an existing post used to republish it and change the publication date and order. I don’t know whether this was fixed.

It seems to me like this isn’t an issue. The posts I’ve updated still appear to retain their original dates.

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Will try to add a category to my post as @DavidB said, and let you know if it happens what @PaoloAmoroso has noticed. Thank you guys, very helpful as always :slight_smile: