(That Yellow & White coffee cup sticker) Do you use Buy Me a Coffee Stickers/Gifs?

When posting as story on instagram or a tweet, do you make use of Buy Me a Coffee stickers? What stickers/Gifs would you like to see next? Feedback Welcome:)


Hi Felix, I must admit I have no clue of how to use/add them to my stories or tweets :sweat_smile:

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It’s pretty simple, you may find stickers that are available here: https://giphy.com/buymeacoffee

On Twitter: Go to above url, copy what you love and paste it on your tweet. Done!

On Instagram: On camera, after adding picture you can search for “Buy Me a Coffee” on stickers, where you will find those stickers which you can attach to your posts.

We are planning on adding help articles on this. I’ll share them here as soon as they are up.


I use them, but I put them into my own custom creations to suite my blogs. I then attach them to my blog posts as a closing footer.


Thank you again for your help, I’ve easily found the stickers on Instagram and adding them on my stories :slight_smile: :slightly_smiling_face:

It looks like the giphy page of buy me a coffee is broken, did you check it? I can’t find the stickers anymore

Thanks for notifying the Giphy page issue. Have reached out to them, will update here once it’s fixed. Thanks again

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Had the same issues on Instagram. Can’t find the Buy Me a Coffee stickers, only Ko-Fi’s. Perhaps they’re making new stickers for us to enjoy?

Yes, we’re on it! :tada: Please check back in a week.


Will do. Thanks for your quick answer! :slightly_smiling_face:

Nice idea…

New stickers/Gifs finally available on Instagram! Thank you Buy Me a Coffee Team, was waiting for them soooo eagerly! :partying_face:

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