The Extras Download links, can they be shared by post purchase?


I have a silly question and I could not find the answer in the knowledge base.

The Extras option allows the creators to sell PDFs/e-books using Dropbox.

My question is if someone opts for the extra, will the Dropbox link be exposed to the buyer? If that’s the case, the Dropbox link then can be shared directly allowing people to download the content for free.

Thanks for your response.


If you host your Extras files somewhere, such as on Dropbox, there’s indeed always the risk some purchasers share them and let others download the files for free. This is largely unavoidable.


Didn’t think of this. Your question is anything but silly!
(although questions are good anyway -inquiring minds want to know right? :wink: )

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Thanks for confirming my doubt.

This is unavoidable but considering that Buy Me a Coffee is working to provide ways for creators to monetize, they should also work on implementing native digital download feature. Perhaps they already are working on it secretly :slight_smile:

Thanks for the support :slight_smile:

Hi! File uploads are coming to Extras very soon.

Piracy issues are almost unheard of in the space, and we wanted to keep Extras super simple. I suppose if someone wants to share the work illegally, having to download it won’t stop them from sharing it. :slight_smile:


That’s true. There is a minor difference, though. Sharing the source Dropbox link makes it more legit than buying the book and then uploading the book on personal Dropbox account to share it. Just my point of view.

I am glad that your team is bringing file uploads to Extras. Thank you.