The Home of Web Automation - A different stylistic take

Hello BMC friends,

In the last few weeks I decided to build a blog around the topic of “Web automation and testing”.

Mostly informational around tooling, libraries, techniques etc.

But the thing that I tried to do, using a mostly unusual design for a site of this topic, is create a blog that sparks “visual joy” if you may together with the tech info you need.
Some of those elements are the random drawings, weird fonts, the palette and some more.

You can visit the website here
and I urge you to read about the mission statement.

I have not promoted the site at all as of yet and I would highly appreciate your feedback and social sharing.

If you are someone that found it enjoyable, BMC is there for us :smiley:


Welcome Peter. I see you use Eleventy as your blogging platform. Curious of you use Markdown when writing, erwhut?

Hello :smiley: !
Yes that is correct, I chose 11ty and so far it has been amazing. Yes I am using Markdown to write my articles with some mixed Nunjucks shortcodes for effects like the custom list items etc.

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Very cool. Have not dabbled with Nunjucks yet.