The Office Fans Discussing the Office Ladies

Hey guys! :wave:

I wonder if there are any The Office (US) fans in here?
What if we discuss the show and the episodes mentioned in the podcast The Office Ladies?!

Let me know which episode is your favorite :orange_heart:
If you listen to the podcast, what surprised you the most about the behind the scenes info?

I personally love all the jokes on the show and the fact that Jim pranks Dwight all the time lol
Also, Pam? Love her or hate her? :thinking:

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I started listening to the Office Ladies and the little inside jokes are fun, but I like a fan ran podcast, Somehow I manage, more. I think it’s cause I like hearing what other people think about the show more than what actually happened behind the scenes.

I like knowing how much the writers had to be part of the show acting wise.

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Yes, the writers being right there on set is awesome!
Some shows lack that.

I do like some stories, especially when I imagine how they shot some scenes in the first place and then the ladies explain that.

Do people share their opinion about the episodes on that other podcast?

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In somehow I manage, they talk about their opinions and why something worked/didn’t work for them. It’s a good podcast. I definitely recommend it.

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Thanks! Sounds interesting :+1:

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