The Quirky Artistic Hobbyist: Loafbud

:wave: Hey there, Creator Community! I’d like to introduce myself!

My name is Loafbud and I am a self-taught digital artist, being a cartoonist mainly as my specialty! Growing up, I’ve always felt called to become a cartoonist and draw/animate my own webseries. What I draw mainly consists of my OCs (original characters) and fanart.


But drawing isn’t my only passion: since 2013, I’ve also taken the path of a self-taught musician, having created my own loops/tunes with good ol’ FL Studio Demo. As of late, I’ve been using BeepBox and finally finding out that making chiptunes is my strongarm. :muscle: Writing is additionally one of my talents (and I’m teaching myself to code HTML bit by bit, too).

With these many things I’m passionate about, it has always been my goal to become an indie creator: creating my own video games, music, books, animated series, and webcomics. In no way do I see myself as a professional in these fields – I am a hobbyist through and through. I actually don’t have a working job (let alone a driver’s license; I still live with my parents + siblings)! So I’ve joined Buy Me a Coffee to open a gateway for online income to expand my creative tools (the other way is through selling designs and commissions… though I don’t do commissions for now), and to also find other creators to support. Once I am able to be able to drive and have a working job, I will have Coffee to support me by my side! :heart:

That’s about all I had to say! Before I end it here, I’d like to say this: Believe in yourself! Love, Confidence, and Belief are like our superpowers. Everyone’s journey is different. Do not look at whatever anyone has that you don’t – instead, appreciate what ya already got to work with, even if it’s something small and simple.

– Loafbud


Hi there @Loafbud! And wow, I am so impressed by your varied passions–talk about being a modern day polymath :star2: Thanks for sharing your messages of believing in oneself by the way, it’s something to keep in mind all the time. Happy to see you here!


Thank you so much, @pia!! :sob::two_hearts:

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