The Transparency Project and What it Means to the BMC Community

I’m not sure if this is the right place to put this as I’m fairly new on this platform but I’ll try.

I’ll admit having moved from Patreon and Having used direct payment in my past business model I was skeptical but I believe BMC is the right tool for what I’m trying to do I just hope their is enough engagement here for it to get the momentum.

I’ve spent the better part of 20 years working in firms across the globe as a transformation consultant and I’m about to take on one of my greatest transformation efforts of all time.

But not for corporate…For Us. You can go watch my video to hear my story but short version is Bad people did bad things and my family got hurt bad. we lost everything, except my brain and 20+ years of knowledge and experience about how people, society, culture and business works. through this I’ve development a new funding methodology for business that move away from the VC/Equity model of Kickstarter of Gofundme and are better set up for a BMC partnership or simply an account.

We have just started and wrapped this in some other aspects as to not only introduce the model but demonstrate how it works. It is a unique blend between Advisory mentoring, Patronage, Sponsorship and more.

After doing an Alpha and Beta Test I’m confident enough that the model works but the question is will it work for all business types or only certain aspects.

If successful the societal impact in addition to what it means to the arts, content creation and small business community is unbelievable.

That said, I have to connect with people that are willing to created an ongoing dialogue, support the model, try new concepts, etc.

We will be launching training and more in the next 60 days.

I want to start a conversation here on my primary account though I will like need to spinoff a Transparency Project account at some point in the near future.

I will also be giving away free ticket to the training as well as free access to the upcoming information session. please connect and invite to this thread as the potential impact to the BMC community is massive.

I lost everything 3 months ago. and I’ve working 16 hours a day to make this project my future. When I’m not working on this I’m Sleeping, Job Searching or with my Family. they are all I have left.

I believe the future is social capital backing for business growth. I believe in something more. Do you?

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@Matt_Habuda Sorry to hear of your plight.

Can you be a little more transparent about what this is all about? Maybe your post is supposed to be kind of cryptic so as not to reveal the deal, but, can you fill us in with a bit more. Thanks.

You didn’t enjoy my mystery?

So here the deal. I’ve designed funding models for start ups and consulted for a long time.

I’ve just never applied it to this space.

The problem I identified is in my case and in the case of many we are either starting from or restarting from zero or rebuilding.

We end up doing a ton of self funding.

If I start a pub, I go ask for $300k and build it. I can’t do that with content and curriculum.

The next problem is in the mission to automate everything the price point to the consumer is getting out of control. we end up with mass premium product that let down the buyer. this loses more than gains.

So we have structured this a differently.

  1. Membership/Patron Base Support Model
  2. Monthly/Quarterly Pledge Campaign to capture 1 time donors tied to specific events.
  3. Host Monthly Transparency report call to show how funds are used and managed and how it converts to business growth.
  4. Training Program of how to use all these tools and how to engage with backer in a unique way. also creating a revenue share model based on performance thresholds.
    in other words help me his this level of success then all sales above this point go into the distribution pool.
  5. This is optimized by certified program users committing to Engage in a Maximum Income and Maximum Net worth Pledge. What this does it ensures that a moment hits where funds pour into distribution and generosity. The maximums are set by the creator. The number is completely up to you but the key is you stick to it.
  6. % are predefined to optimize benefits for all.
  7. The key is to establish base members/patrons(expect nothing but nice if they get it, They want the recognition of being “the man behind the man”)
  8. One time Donors want something in return - Make sure you can deliver but great way to fill in the gaps.
  9. BMC is one tool but this can be done online and offline. I did $1296 in my first week of using the program and added 3 members. I have a 90 day window but look to add 15 members at $33/week and then target weekly donations $500/week above that.
    Putting me at $7940/month by September 1st without a single product sold.

That is the change. There is a ton more detail but I hope takes some of the cryptic nature out of it.

Ahh man! Now you’ve revealed all the secrets!


Cool. Make sense now. Thanks.

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