Unable to Edit Post on this Board


I just found myself unable to edit a former post of mine to fix a typo and I also learned that I would not be able to delete said post if I wanted to.

It would be very helpful to grant such permissions to any member of this board, being able to edit or delete my own posts if I want to is something I’d consider necessary in any online community.

Hope you think so too! :upside_down_face:

Thanks for the feedback, definitely seems like an obvious permission to have! cc @varun

That’s strange… I seem to have the ability to edit my posts:

I seem to not have it anymore. I edited it before. :thinking:

But only on older posts, this new one I can still edit or delete. But the one above to open the topic, I can neither edit nor delete. “No permission to delete.”

@consistentbenny Just fixed this! A time limit was there (for everyone), I just changed it and now we can edit our posts forever. :boom: