Urgently need searchable posts and thumbnails

@jijo may be tired of me keeping on raising this :laughing: but it’s a big pain point for me and my members now:

I have loads of great member-only content but it is embedded in old posts. It is far too hidden and inaccessible, so new members are coming on board unaware of the great links and downloads that are available.

The bmac system displays far too much of each post and the comments so you have to do too much scrolling. Each post should be no more than a title and first line, with the option of a graphical thumbnail. There should be the option of browsing these in a grid. There should also be a search bar.

My new members either just don’t realise how much they have access to, or they are asking me for content which I already created and they could have found if they knew it was there.

Patreon does all this far better including a summary list of the quantity of existing member-only items summarised for potential members to see.

Buymeacoffee is still laid out as if the platform does not expect there to be much content on each page. I feel I am outgrowing it!

This has a direct impact on the perceived value of the platform and of my membership!

It sounds like a useful feature. Have you submitted a feature request we can vote?

I felt sure that I did some time ago and didn’t want to duplicate, but now I’m not sure. @jijo shall I add this as a new feature request or is it already covered?

@Alastair Love this.

As a workaround in the meantime, maybe create an index post that lists all past articles into categories. Then share this post with your new members.

Haha, thanks for bringing this up again, Al. No need to raise a feature request again – we’re starting on it this week!

Will also see how we can solve this elegantly. Maybe I can use this thread to post updates. Stay tuned!

P.S for a temporary fix – I just heard from Joseph that some creators are using their ‘Membership thank you message’ to list their top posts. It’s emailed to new members and displayed at the top of the Membership page (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/Freebird/membership).


Quick update: Team is making great progress with post layout improvements. Added search, sort by popular, collapsed comments. See below. Please share your thoughts!