User referral program

Buy Me A Coffee has just delivered an unexpected gift to me: $5 for referring a new user. I was a bit surprised as I didn’t remember joining a referral program. But the email notification I received provides some more details on how to earn referral fees:

Hi Creator,

Good news! You just earned $5 for referring username. Thank you for helping more creators find out about Buy Me A Coffee :tada:

If you’ve no idea how this happened, referrals are usually counted when you share your referral link with others ( or when a creator sign up through your page.

You can track your referral earnings from your dashboard (gift icon on the top right) and check out our tips and best practices.

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@PaoloAmoroso I got one about a month ago and was delighted. I’m curious if we’re required to disclose we’re part of an affiliate program? I clipped this from the Privacy Policy blog:

When affiliate marketers - or other people who might be compensated for mentioning brands and products on the internet - talk about the brands and products which they are paid to talk about, the FTC requires that this relationship is disclosed.

Hey @pia, do you know the legality of this? I assume that if we use a link we must disclose?

@WolfeWithAnE My guess is sharing instead of just requires disclosure.

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My thought too. Initially when I got the fee I didn’t know the program existed, so I don’t think the FTC will come down on me for that. :slight_smile:

By the way, what is an active user who signs up via an affiliate link or option? A creator who gets the first paid contribution by supporters?

Thanks for sharing. I’ll learn more about it and make the appropriate changes.

As of now, we reward a referral fee for all creators who signed up via your creator page (not just the affiliate link).


@aleesha Thanks for clearing that up.

I never intentionally shared an BMC affiliate link, so I’m guessing my referral came from someone who signed up via my creator page. I’m guessing since a referral from my creator page is internal to BMC and I’m didn’t promote it, then it’s not a violation of FTC rules on affiliate links.

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