Using BMC Extras to sell Digital Movie Codes?

I was spending some time on the DVD Collectors thread, on Reddit, and noticed that there’s a sub-category for people wanting to sell their un-used digital download codes that come with many DVD/BluRay discs these days.

It occurred to me that this might be a good use for the BMC Extras feature. Would it be “doable” to set up the purchase of a one-of Extra for a DVD digital download code? Is there anything in the BMC user agreement that discourages/does not allow such a transaction?


Been doing a bit of research about this digital download code stuff. I’ve never bothered with it before, because I don’t want any media of which I don’t have a physical copy. However, from what I can gather, those people selling their un-used digital codes are doing so against the licensing agreement. Digital codes are not to be used/sold separately from the DVDs or BluRays. If you sell the digital code, then the ownership of the discs go along with it. Some distributors, like 20th Century Fox, goe one step further and allows you to give the digital code to a family member in your household to redeem and watch, but that’s it.

So, I guess I’ve answered my own question, relating to selling digital codes via BMC Extras.


Hi @DavidB, :wave:

You can sell anything that is legal to sell using the extra feature. There are no limits or requirements on the type or kind of items that can be sold, except the legal limitations like the license agreement violation you mentioned here. :blush:

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