Videos from medias or from gallery

How can we upload videos from our gallery and medias? How many videos can I upload to my dashboard daily?. It s good an ideal and what about with our mobile app??.

Hi @Tarot_Irete, :wave:

Please check out this help-guide for details on uploading images and videos to your post - There is currently no limit for the number of videos you can upload daily.

Regarding adding videos via the app, our current app doesn’t allow uploading videos. However, we are working on a new and improved version of our app with many added features, which will be live very soon!

If you have any more questions or need a hand with anything at all, please email us at or send us a message on our live chat. <3

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Thanks for you support. :heart:

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Thank you @anaswara, came across this post and I’ve just learnt how to add photo and videos to my posts without having to create an album.
Very helpful :slight_smile:

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