Waves and High Fives

Hi everyone,

Firstly, great to see BMC have a community so I don’t feel like a lone wanderer in the digital wild.

I’m a mobile developer by day, I manage a team of amazing developers and we make wonderful things.

When I’m not doing that, I love to embrace my endless curiosity which is how I ended up blogging, podcasting and trying many different things.

I primarily focus on software development and share everything I know with anyone willing to listen, read or watch. I have always considered it my way of giving back to communities that helped me get my career to where it is today.

My home on the Web is https://peterwitham.net (.com is me but it’s the old site at this time as I transition content).

I’m looking forward to hanging out with everyone. I’ve not been very successful at getting folks to buy me a coffee, but I still believe and have faith it will work out in the end when I get better at marketing myself.

So I’ll pull up a mug, poor a cup and maybe a cookie.


Welcome to the group, Peter! It’s great to see such talented people gather together, here. With such a wealth of experience at hand, I’m sure even someone like me has a chance at success! :sweat_smile:

Welcome @pwitham to the community! You’re not alone brother… dev here!
I’m actively contributing to open source projects…

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Thanks David, I am honored to be in such good company.


Thanks, and thank you for contributing to open source projects. I need to be doing more of that, I started for a while and then my schedule took away too much of my time, but I need to get back into it to help others and keep my skills growing.


Hey Peter, nice to see you here on the Creator Community! So happy to see you’ve been able to meet amazing folks out here (shout out to @warengonzaga and @DavidB) :raised_hands: I resonate with you on embracing curiosity, which is something I’ve been thinking of for awhile now–it has also led me to do a myriad of things I’ve always been interested in. I hope BMC works out for you, and feel free to post something about your work or your page in the Champion Your Craft channel. Cheers!


You’re far too kind, @pia :high_brightness: And thanks for the shout out in the newsletter, too! I’ve never made it into a newsletter before!

Yes, sometimes embracing our curiosity and trying something completely new can really pay off. It may not always end up being a “success”, but there’s also a great deal of learning that come from it that turns out being invaluable for us, personally. Like one of my favorite pieces of advice says, “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might…”


Hi everyone! Nice to be part of a wonderful community

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Welcome, @Pete_Byron_D! I’m sure that you’re going to meet a lot of kind and helpful people here.


Hi there @Pete_Byron_D! And as @DavidB said, you’ll definitely meet kindred spirits here–the most helpful and inspiring creators ever!

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Hi, just joined BMC today. I am a photographer from Hong Kong

FB / IG: WingLiuPhoto

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