Welcome to Buy Me A Coffee's Creator Community 👋

Hi there and welcome!

After listening to feedback from you and your fellow creators, we’re happy to finally see you here at Buy Me A Coffee’s Creator Community :coffee:

Built with community, connection and creativity in mind, we hope this space provides creators like you opportunities for building your network, growing your audience and harnessing the work that truly makes you feel alive :zap:

We usually hang out on Twitter, but we thought we’d make this space exclusive and cater to something that also matters a lot to us: learning from each other.

Whether it’s a seasoned freelancer, a new creator, a fan eager to support their favorite or someone from the Buy Me A Coffee team, we believe in the spirit of generosity to guide the work that we do. After all, the more we create pathways and avenues for creators to thrive, the better we will all be :seedling:

So dive right in! Introduce yourself by responding to this thread, check out all the categories, find your kindred spirits, build your tribe. We’ll be here rooting for you and answering questions along the way :raised_hands:

Here’s a prompt:

Tell us your name or what you like to go by, share your work or what you’re working on, other things that you want us to know about you, maybe some photos or samples of your work and most importantly, your Buy Me A Coffee page :heart_eyes:

Once you’ve given us all the good stuff, feel free to check out other introductions, drop a comment or two and start building with other creators :coffee:


Thank you for creating this, BMC team! Love your platform and the creativity it encourages!


Hi @Makayla, welcome to the Creators Community! We’re so happy you’re here and we’re excited to see how we can push creators’ creativity even further :pray:t5:


I can’t recall exactly when I signed up to BMC, but my first post on my account dates back to Feb. 2018. So, I think I was pretty early on the scene.

Over the past two years, I’ve really enjoyed seeing how BMC has evolved. The dev team has done wonderful job with the platform and I’m looking forward to the opportunities and growth potential it has to offer.

You’re all doing a great job! :clap:


I really LOVE BMAC! I don’t have many contributors/supports for #RealTalk blog and podcast yet but I hope that’ll change this year. I’ve added my BMAC link to the footer of all of my blog posts and do a Twitter shout-out often. I’m looking forward to learning and supporting via the creator community. Thanks!

Oh, I’m a creative writer, storyteller, and badassery advocate. #RealTalk is my raw and quirky midlife commentary via Substack aimed to inspire others to live on purpose. http://buymeacoff.ee/JaeHermann


Hi @Jae_Hermann! It’s great to see you here at the Creator Community and I’m looking forward to a growing network & community for #RealTalk :raised_hands:Also, I love the phrase “caffeinate the cause”!


Thank you!!! It makes me giggle every time I write it: Follow the journey, caffeinate the cause. :smile:


Hi everyone it’s great to start meeting some other creators and I think this forum is yet another brilliant idea from the BMAC team - ever responsive and pro-active!

I’m Alastair and I run a small business in Sheffield, England called Freebird Interiors, designing and making fitted furniture. I create Youtube videos about our projects and our business journey and a community of other woodworkers has grown up around it. We now have a podcast too!

Thank goodness I didn’t go with Patreon - my instinct told me bmac was a good thing when I discovered it in the early days and I’m glad I listened. I really feel that this platform and the people behind it are like a close partner in how I am growing my community and online business model, and we are growing together!


Hi @Alastair, welcome to the Creator Community! It’s been such a great time building and connecting with other creators here and we hope you have the same experience as well :raised_hands:

Always looking forward to improving and refining the creator experience with BMC, so thank you for your insight as well!


Hi I’m Fajar Siddiq! I’m from Singapore. I really love buy me a coffee.
This is so good platform. https://fajarsiddiq.com/buymeacoffee is my link, i redirected it.


Welcome to the creator community, Fajar! It’s great to have you on the platform since day one.

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Welcome to the Creator Community @fajarsiddiq and belated happy birthday!

Welcome @fajarsiddiq. Good to have you here. Curious to hear more detail about your life as a digital nomad: what that looks like and how you manage it.

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I’m Stephen, a copywriter who needs to stimulate my brain, so I’m getting into writing fiction.
As I’m writing on Medium (which is a paywall site) I give my friends a link so they can read my stories for free.
I thought I might as well compile them into a weekly newsletter so people can browse in their spare time.
And then I spotted someone sharing a “buy me a :coffee:” link and thought … I should do that!
So here I am.
Within 24 hours I got my first coffee (5 actually), so I’m more than happy!
Here’s my email newsletter if you’d like to read some fiction for free :wink:

EDIT: Oops! Forgot to add my BMAC page! :grimacing:


Hey @StephenScott, welcome to the Buy Me A Coffee and to the Creator Community!

Love that you added your BMC link to your newsletter, something that we’re seeing a lot of creators add to theirs as well. If you have any ideas or feature requests, feel free to let us know :sparkles:


Welcome @StephenScott and congratch on your early coffee success.

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Hey welcome here!


I really want to figure out how to add the beautiful button you’ve created to my newsletter. It has a code view, so I’m sure there’s a way.

Once I figure it out I’ll share in case there are others here using Substack!


Hey @StephenScott, here’s a widget that you can add: https://help.buymeacoffee.com/en/articles/3317854-how-to-add-your-buy-me-a-coffee-button-or-widget-to-your-site

And here’s a sample newsletter which has the BMC button: https://preview.mailerlite.com/v3t8s3/1383843038219998979/y9i0/

Hope this helps!


Annoyingly, Substack doesn’t allow html coding, but I have figured a work-around.

I’m using the animated gif from the Brand Downloads page, and have created a simple link button using that.