Welcome To The Club?

Hello, BMC! I use BMC since it’s on beta, yeah I see the development of BMC over a year… (I’m over a years-old being a member here. This is only the time I maximize the use of BMC to create my community. I hope some creators support me here.

I would like to introduce myself… I’m a senior web developer and cybersecurity professional who looks for bugs on the internet and report it to the concerned team before the bad guys use it for their bad intentions. What I do for a living is freelancing… making sites, doing bug bounties, consulting and more…

So if you want to learn more about me you can visit my BMC page.

I hope you’ll support me too!



My day job has nothing to do with my BMC. I’m a product support specialist for a lighting manufacturer.

I started off in web development, and now I’ve switched to iOS Apps and blogging about what I’m learning/using. I use BMC as a way for people in the community to support me if they choose to. I want my blog posts to be accessible to everyone, so I make my articles free to read.

I’ve enjoyed the features that Buy Me a Coffee has come out with since I’ve been a creator. I’m looking forward to the future of it!


Hi Maegan, so good seeing you here! I’m glad you’re enjoying the features of BMC and I’m looking forward to helping creators like you build a tight community. I also love looking at the progress of apps you’re developing in the “Posts” section of your BMC–such a cool way to share what you’re creating :raised_hands: