What do you offer as a monthly membership rewards to your supporters?

Calling all visual artists and illustrators (but any creative can share their thoughts here, too!)
I’ve joined Buy Me a Coffee 6 months ago, and was thinking about adding a monthly membership to my page. I’d like to ask for 3-5 euro per month, but I’m struggling to identify what reward could be fair enough for that expense.
Would you be so nice to tell me what have you come up to reward your supporters?
Many thanks in advance!


I’m not an artist or illustrator but, in case they’re useful, here are the membership rewards I offer:

  • members-only posts with my reading lists, i.e. lists of links I read
  • discount coupon for purchasing my ebook

As an artist, I provide the following rewards:

  • Early access to BMC only feed - WIP
  • Access to all my art in High-Resolution (3000x4500 px)
  • Access to Discord channel
  • Access to rough sketches
  • Your name in the time-lapse video credits
  • PSD format for each art
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Thank you guys, you gave me some useful tips. I might need to do a research and see what others offer, then decide.