Where in the world are you?

Hey if your in the #Kaufman to #Dallas #Texas areas and you too love #photography. Swing by and pick me up sometime. Lets head out with our cameras,explore the world, capture what we see, create stories and develop friendships. Yes I said come pick me up, as I dont drive and I’d love to get out more, make real life friends and capture more of the world. Have a great day and stay creative.


Greetings, @woctxphotog I’m nowhere near Texas, I live in southern Saskatchewan, Canada. But, I do enjoy photography; albeit a novice in every way. For the past few years, I’ve been rediscovering my enjoyment of film photography. Do you use a film camera at all?

If you’re curious at all, I upload the photos I like to share with other on 23hq.com. Here’s a link to my album: http://www.23hq.com/virtualsky. Most of the photos are about life on the prairies, in and around our homestead.


I’d love to support/host a coffee IRL with anyone in the Tampa/St Pete FL area :slight_smile: