Which one would be better wordpress or godaddy?

I have a blog on blogger I want to migrate it on any of them ( Wordpress or godaddy ) please share your experience


Hi @Earn_Respect, you are referring to WordPress.com a blogging site… and GoDaddy is a web hosting company… they are different.

I’m a senior developer and making WordPress websites for about 6 years. You can contact me if you want…

Here’s my advice… if you are looking for a blogging platform you can go directly to WordPress.com or if you are looking for web hosting provider only you can continue to NameCheap they offer also a managed WordPress hosting… :wink:

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I don’t have any experience as a GoDaddy customer. But I can say that, as web hosting goes, I’m very pleased with iFastnet.com. For the same price I would had payed to have a blog on Wordpress, I can have an entire domain to myself to do what I want (blog, publish media of all sorts, or set up a web store, or whatever) with iFastnet.

If you want to try a free version of what iFastnet is like, I’d recommend checking out their free hosting service at byet.host. That’s what I started with and I was so pleased with the service, I decided to become a paying customer.

I’m not affiliated with them, I’m just a very pleased customer.

Hey bros , I have blog as I told you , Adsense is saying go for top level domain then possibly I get approved my site for advertising

Above is my site so I don’t know what to do if I’m creating an other site on Wordpress or godaddy then what about my content ? If I copy paste all content then my new site with

.com domain I will not be approved,

So I need advice from all you genius persons that to the same site how I convert ,

Means only blogspot I want to cut off from my adress

I’m not sure if I understand completely what you want to do. But, here’s my idea anyway: Have you considered perhaps just registering a new domain name and then just redirecting that domain name to the blog you already have with blogspot? It sounds to me like all you really want to do is simplify the address of your blog, removing the “blogspot” reference. Is that right?

If this the idea, then you can simply go and buy your own domain name, (like earninggurru.com or whatever) then have it redirected to your exisiting earninggurru.blogspot.com account. This way, people will find you whether they use the new name or the old one. And you won’t have to move or change a thing.

Just an idea.

@Earn_Respect, Echoing what @DavidB says, you can do it pretty easily if you buy your domain through google domains. They are about as cheap as anybody. Here’s the instructions.


I migrated from Blogger to Tumblr, and then to Wordpress.com. I’ve been with wp for a few years, and I absolutely love it and would recommend it if you’re wanting to move over.

Wordpress can get expensive though, if you’re wanting to edit your own CSS, upload different themes, etc.

Going with a host can give you a little more control, and if you’re looking for hosting I would recommend one that has Wordpress.org implementation. Namecheap has its own hosting and domain registration, and there’s a few others too.

I’ve used Godaddy and their website building for clients who were already on Godaddy and didn’t want to migrate, and it was very limiting in what I could include or do.

Thanks to all ,
1st I have created my site on google hosting
Like www.earninggurru.com @$12 per year ,

Now need suggestions that my previous adress was like www.earninggurru.blogspot.com

So how I can export all my content there on new site ?

Example if I copy paste all my content from old site to new one then will it be copyrighted?

Because I need to monetize my new site with Adsense

Just couple of days before I got reply from Adsense that I need to upgrade my this ( old site ) with top level domain

Reason why I created new site without blogspot etc

So now confused how to bring my old content to new site ?

I hope if some one understand actually what I say

Yes you are right that’s I’m trying to say