WiFi Passview for Windows OS

Hi creators! I would like to share my tool to you… this tool has been featured in some popular cybersecurity websites. Visit the repository and how I use BMC to monetize it…

Github: https://github.com/WarenGonzaga/wifi-passview

KitPloit Blog: https://www.kitploit.com/2020/03/wifi-passview-v20-open-source-batch.html
Hakin9 Blog: https://hakin9.org/wifi-passview-an-open-source-batch-script-based-wifi-passview-for-windows

If I hope I can get some support here…


Hey Waren, this is another great tool that you’ve created! Is there a tag that you can add to this post? Would love to be able to share it with other folks too.

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Hi Pia, what tag you are asking? btw, there is another website create a blog about my tool.

Pentest Magazine: https://pentestmag.com/wifi-passview
Here’s the official blog from my website.

Pinoy made tool!

@warengonzaga, I think what @pia means is adding a tag by typing # and choosing a classification (or tag) word, like #champion for example.

Is that what you meant, @pia ?

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Oh I got it… thanks for that…