Writers and Bloggers UNITE!

Hi Awesome Creatives!

How many here are fiction/non-fiction writers and or bloggers?

I’m a poet, romance, and nonfiction writer plus a mental health self-care, and online writing industry on medium!


Hey there, @KennedyMontecue ! Welcome to the community. :wave:

I’m a blogger, who’s hobby is retro computing. I write reviews for 8-bit software and hardware, as well as write about my adventures in computing, back in the 80s and 90s. I’ve also written a few programs for my beloved Commodore 64 and 128 retro computers.


Hey @KennedyMontecue. Glad to have you here.

My blog is nonfiction at the moment. Eventually I’ll work some fiction in. Probably some poetry too since it’s a hodge podge.


Greetings @KennedyMontecue! Welcome to the community!

I’m an amateur writer. I write fan-fiction set in the world of Black Desert Online and I post it on the Official Black Desert SEA Forum, my website, and on Black Desert Role Players Forum.


HI! :upside_down_face:

I’m writing about my online business projects on my blog, which is mainly focused around print on demand at the moment, as this is where I put most of my time into. I like do document my progress and share experiences with others this way.

Many other things to come also, as time moves on.

See you around here!


I’m trying to write some fiction!


Hey Creatives!!
It’s been a while since I’ve been back here. I hope everyone is healthy, safe, and indoor!
I’ve written a post about what’s been going on in my neck of the woods (plus a blog post on how to cope with anxiety during Covid-19)
Click here- https://www.buymeacoffee.com/p/43068
(And support if you would like :slight_smile: )


Hi @KennedyMontecue - I’m writing mainly on Medium, but as it’s a paywall publication I send out a newsletter with ‘friend links’ so people can read my stories for free.

I prefer flash fiction, satire, and have been dabbling in personal reflections on mental health.


Hey Creatives!
How are you doing? How has this week of quarantine affected you mentally and physically? and how have you been connecting with your loved one’s while social distancing?


@KennedyMontecue, a guy from Cin City Ukes, my local ukulele support group, organized a uke-along over Zoom the other night. We had people from around the world join in. Got the chance to play with many folks I’ll likely miss in person, as the Ukulele World Congress may be cancelled in June. Wonderfully therapeutic.


Hi, I’m Binyamin (b3u). I’m writing various non-fiction articles at https://binyamin.substack.com. I’m simply getting into a rhythm at the moment, but ideally I will find a focus for the blog. Feel free to give me feedback about my buymeacoffee page through DMs.


Honestly, fellow creators, I could use your help. I started my Substack blog last year as a way to navigate and share my midlife mayhem. Because I have a marketing background I thought it necessary to “re-brand” and take what was simply “JaeHermann’s Blog” to what is now #RealTalk. I find that I’m at a crossroads. I want to infuse my writing with more wellness content, I could just do that and not rebrand or I could create a spin-off. What would you do?


Hi @Jae_Hermann As a fellow marketer, I submit a few things I tend to get wrong:

  1. Don’t overthink it. Keep it simple
  2. What would you advise a client to do?
  3. Don’t choose what you like. Put yourself in the target markets shoes.

I always muck things up for my own projects. Recently I’ve been taking a step back and going back to these three things.

I was worried I was spreading myself too thin. Writing in various styles on Medium. Promoting in various social places. Starting a newsletter on Substack.

Then I realised they all fit together. It’s how I was planning it that was awkward. There was no plan apart from starting to write fiction.

So now I’m happy with my goal to write and promote using the multiple outlets I have. In a few months I’ll reevaluate to see what’s not working. If it gets tweaked or scrapped.

It’s basic marketing isn’t it?

What works for you?

Will your current audience follow where you want to go?

Do you NEED a rebrand, or are you overthinking it?

Will your audience care?

Opposing argument: will your existing branding not fit your new direction and deter new readers?

I know there’s a lot of waffle, but the client always knows what they want. I’ve always seen myself as the guy who asks the questions to let them see they has the answer all along.

Hope it helps!


Cool! Thank you for the reminders! It’s true that it’s easier to do this and recommend for clients but my own stuff, I feel all thumbs!

I’m gonna let it all simmer for now and see how I feel about it in a few weeks (read days lol).

What I need to do is stay on my goal of writing and sharing #RealTalk consistently. I’ve JUST gotten back on schedule so there’s no need to muck that up with new directions.

I appreciate the feedback, thanks!


Hello @KennedyMontecue welcome,

I’m a blogger that’s also trying to do more vlogging as that has caught my attention is fun. I mostly write about technical programming etc. But I also have a photo Web site that I dearly need to go back and give some more love to.


So I have a slightly different take on this.

For me, life is full of too many interesting things for me to stick to one topic. I’ve created (and abandoned) numerous successful blogs that were focused on a specific topic because I got totally enthused about something else. After years of doing this, I finally realized I produce much better content and am much more prolific if I’m not concerned about serving a specific audience.

My blog is all over the place. I have about a dozen topics that I’ve dumped together, so there’s fresh and diverse content all the time. This goes against everything they taught us way back there in blogging school, but I do two things that I think are important to serving multiple audiences with the same vehicle:

  1. In any given article, I steer readers to similar content on that topic. This is through links in the content and a link at the end of the article to all articles with that topic tag.
  2. I do serious grooming of my blog to keep it evergreen. I revise articles to keep them accurate and relevant and delete articles that are hopelessly outdated. Last month I went on a binge and spent the whole month doing that. Monthly, I normally review my five most-viewed articles and a scrutinize for ways to improve them. (After blogging for a B2B company, I learned the value of nurturing consistent search performers. One article drove half of our site visits consistently for 6 years.)

While my blog feels more like a general interest magazine than a trade publication, I’m happy with the results and success.


I tend to agree with you @WolfeWithAnE. My thought is, this is why they invented categories! Blog about all sorts of things and categorize your subjects… then, when someone who’s only interested in one thing your blogging about have the ability to find what they’re looking for and ignore the rest.

I don’t typically delete my older posts, but I will go back and edit them when I think it’s necessary. I think this also helps when search engine “bots” crawl your site, as I think they tend to pay more attention to content with recent activity (at least, that’s what I’ve read).

At the moment I have two blogs… one for my hobby in Commodore 8-bit computers and all the rest. I used to have more, each focusing on a particular interest/hobby, but I found it far to cumbersome to keep them all going. This is much better, from my point of view.


@DavidB you’re correct about updated content: Updates trigger the spiders to visit your site more often and give it some priority. A page that hasn’t been touched in 10 years gets little love in search, unless it’s the definitive article on the topic.

I regularly write about iOS and feel removing content about the previous version of the OS that’s no longer true should be deleted if it can’t be updated. I think it helps people find similar newer content on my site. I also regularly run across apps that I reviewed that are no longer available, so those go too.


Thanks! One of the beautiful things about Substack is that I don’t worry about formatting and categories and the like. I’ve done that for years with other blogs and websites. I moved to Substack to have a simple dashboard and display, AND paywall.

Thankfully, everything I write and share via #RealTalk has an underlying theme, I keep it real no matter what I’m talking about. Granted, anything businessy or geared toward the craft of writing gets released via LinkedIn or my biz website :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m a self-published author who writes romance. I mainly publish on kdp but also on smashwords and BN. Looking forward to making connections!