Writing an Epic Roman-era Harem book series!

Hello, there and I’m Angel. I reside in Puerto Rico and I’m a full-time author. I write zombie horror and a niche genre called LitRPG/Gamelit. I’ve been relatively successful as an author in the zombie genre, but I always wanted to write a series set in Ancient Rome. Of course, this will be an alternative historical fiction novel with a harem twist. Also, this story will read like an actual RPG game as if you were in the story yourself.

I have a guilty pleasure for reading harem novels. So far this has been a fun passion project for me. Feel free to check out my page! If you decide to be a member, you will get to read the story as it’s being written, and before it releases to the general public. Not only that, but you will also get exclusive content such as videos and other cool stuff. Finally, at certain points of the novel, I will let you decide what the Main Character will do.

If you don’t know what LitRPG is, I will also explain it as well.

Schedule -

  • Each new member will get a shoutout video where I welcome them.
  • I will upload one to two chapters weekly depending on how much I can get done.
  • Also on a weekly basis, I will write out personal articles such as how I got the idea, and how I became a Roman History buff.
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Welcome @Angel_Ramon. Glad to hear your writing success. Hopefully BMC will come a revenue stream for you as well.