I’m a (part-time) streamer on Facebook Gaming and I write fan-fiction set in the world of Black Desert Online. You can read my stories on the Official Black Desert SEA Forum and on my website.

I’m a Filipino Gamer that streams video games every day at around 8:00PM to 11:00PM (GMT+8).

There’s nothing of note about me, I’m just your average Juan Dela Cruz who loves to play video games and write stories. I’m not like most streamers who are good at what they do, whether their skills or talents or even have an excellent face or personality… but I do what I can and just love what I do.

I provide raw noob gameplay during the streams because I’m not good at the game or the enemy is better skilled than I am.

As an introverted type of person, I started streaming to try to break my shell and try to interact with people. With that, I show the world who I truly am, without a facade, without any filters.